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I have been a Rayearth fangirl for a long time and have wanted to make a Primera costume for just about as long. I didn't really feel like it was something I could tackle until now since she's just got so many crazy things going on with her costume.

It took me about two months to get this costume together once I started working on it. I started buying supplies for it almost a whole year before though. Every bit of pink and gold you see(and some you don't) is tricot knit. I think that gave me more work that was absolutely necessary, but I'm just big on things matching like that. I would seriously sometimes lay awake at night thinking about how to do the trim and the antennas. And in the end I believe my solutions ended up working pretty well. I also decided to make it multiple pieces so that it would make more sense structurally. The top is made like a corset so that it can support the wings. The skirt is draped over a tutu/underskirt that I made for this out of nine layers of alternating pink and gold tulle. I used carnelian agate for the gems and glued them on with my favorite glue ever. The wig started out life as a Cosworx Ivy in light blue, a Cosworx Amanda in light blue, and some light blue fleece. And I mostly followed the tutorial on for the wings.

Here is the tutorial I put together on how I made the buns for the wig:


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Narnian Stunning, amazing, and gorgeous!

omgcookies Absolutely Stunning!

AsakuraYoh OMG!!! THIS IS SO PERFECT!!! your cosplay is wonderfull =33 you're a cute primera =33 Kissus