Final Fantasy XII

@Bur Loire


So this is one of my only female costumes and wtf I had no idea what I was doing LOL. XD

Boobs confuse me LOL.

Anywho, as with my other FFXII costumes, the armor work is done with craftfoam (leg armor, shoes, leaf details on thigh thinguses, neck piece.)

There is also craftfoam supports inside the wig and ears. OH HOW I LOVE YOU CRAFTFOAM! <3

As far as small details go, on the green leaf armor, I handsewed teeny tiny teal coloured beads into the foam (you can only see it in my MTAC pics, cause I didn't get to sew them on until then LOL). Pretty much any and all fabric on this costume is handdyed. The only one not dyed is the navy jacket fabric. Seriously, the bias piping on the booty shorts.....HAND DYED. D: LULZ.

The leg armor has a special mixed shade of black, I like to call it dark gunmetal, however in most pictures it's still black LOL. FAILURE.

I love Jote though, so its all cool. <D


@Bur Loire
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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Jote


Ilta-Aurinko You are the perfect Jote :) Your costume is awesome! ^_^

Elika_88 It´s very beutiful! Fantastic!!!!

Nitro D: omg ur a lady? what is this blasphemy!

Chocobo chic OMG u look so beautiful!

Blastphoenix OMG JOTE O____O! I was hoping someone would drss up as her! you look soo goood!