Chastangela as Princess Leia Organa

Princess Leia Organa

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Cosplayer: Chastangela
This costume was completed in a hurry as a comfortable alternative for the Friday Preview night Supanova usually has. As such, there are many things I hope to adjust and add to it in the future.

The poncho is hand dyed, light weight, unbleached cotton canvas. I was attempting to actually match the blotches and coloring of Leia's in the movie ans was somewhat successful. However, the main green came out very yellow and bright and so I will be redying it to fix the coloring.

The pants also need to be redone as I could not find an appropriate blue grey stretch suiting or similliar in time to make them for the convention. Instead, I made them of light weight pj type material with the yellow ribbon stripe on each leg.

Not seen is the short sleeves brown dress shirt underneath and it's matching dark grey vest.

I am also hoping to get a helmet in the future and Leia's proper blaster. Shown here is a friend's Han Solo blaster that I stole for pics. ^_^

In short, I may be remaking most fo the costume in the future.