Zack Fair

Final Fantasy VII



this suit was the result of a desperate ebay purchase if you see this and sell costumes and or make them and sell to guys like me please send me a PM and help me out or wait well yea pretty much im looking for the perfect zack fair costume for the next con that comes around for me


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Last Updated 12 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Zack Fair


Meruz Thank you!! ^.- Oh man, you make an awesome Zack!! With the right wig (and the details you said on the description)... I think you'd be the most accurate AND handsome Zack!! XDD

prodigy_of_chao Thanks dude! Are you making Angeal's sword for your Zack?

hokurin Zack!! Looks great!!

Aeth *faint* ;) finish it neow! :D

BalthierFlare YEY ZAAACK! XD

TeeneR Zack = Ultra Hotness ^-^

LadyRayngerYuna Zack!! EEE!! ::grab grab::