Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl



well dont you judge yet you see this and think what kind of jack is that well my actual suit is in the works by a friend of my he was a one of the costumers in all three pirate moives for Jeffery Rush's costume but anyways yea so this is my temp suit meanwhile i still can jack it up with the spare


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Series Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Character Jack Sparrow


SweeneyTodd You were friends with someone who worked on all 3 movies? Wow that's such an advantage! I bet you will have a really accurate costume once it's complete. You definitely need to post pics

Mrs Hitomi pretty cool, I love it!

mimicake Great Jack Sparrow! Why is the rum always gone? T_T...^_

Chinako This is a great Jack! You do need to post more pictures (especially if the suit is finished). I hope you did go to Disney in this... I'd LOVE to see pictures!

Darth Kaoru *-* very nice Sparrow!!! u look great!

Dra.Kokoro *o* OMG! JACK IS IN THE HOUSE! *o* im goind to do other version of Maria because my old clasic version is not going to have any acts for a long time XD and my bestfriend is doing her Luigina n_n!! BTW! i love you as JACK!! you look perfect!

Saa-Chan Hahah perfect!! *--*

LiGhTnInGStRiFe Ahahaha you're perfect ! Absolutely perfect xD with rimmel under you're eyes XD i really like your cosplays ^__^ and jack sparrow isn't easy at all O_O