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I know, I know... I said I wouldn't cosplay Sora. But things happen. XD;
Making this costume was pain, since I kept pushing it to the future and in the end I finished it during the night before I had to wear it. Literally. I was finished around 8 AM and I had to leave 8:55 AM. Gosh, I'm never leaving the making of a costume this late again... x__x

Anyways, it was really fun to wear! Especially because Scarface was my Riku. n__n


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Series Kingdom Hearts
Character Sora


Wepi Uh... well... I sewed it? 'D Sorry, I can't explain any better. I used just cloth, sewing machine and other regular stuff like that. So yeah, the whole costume is self-made.

sumomolover How did you make it or did you buy it?