Garnet til Alexandros 17th (princess gown)

Final Fantasy IX



One of my dearest hobbies is gaming, there I met Garnet.
Her cute/adorable performance, the dress and the story were amazing.

I definitely wanted to be her...
More easy than you think but for the first time to make something like this, it was pretty good succeeded.

- bought 10meters of white fabric and my mom helped me to create the dress.
- bought green, gold paint and made a embellishment, we painted the vines and the gold details on the dress.
- pendant, bracelets and crown were made with Sculpey and silver looking paint.
- the crown and bracelets were finished with silver- tone chain.
- the pendant was partly created with a Swarovski 50mm octagon, silver long necklace chain and wire.
- we had to change(=cut) the wig since it didn't looked a lot like Garnet's hair.
- borrowed my Sister the underskirt.
- made personal stencils
- bought Sculpey, the octagon, the Green Agate Cabochon, the necklace chain and the wig on ebay.

Won the first price on a Belgian anime/manga convention, it was the first convention who was dedicated to anime/manga!
I loved it and I didn't expect to win, not even the first price! ^_^
Lots of pictures were taken on FACTS (Saturday and Sunday) and on Asianim. Received good remarks, the best remarks were the children: "ohh a princess!" and their happy faces. Most of the people recognized Garnet so I was very pleased with it!

- - - - -

remade a few things of my Garnet:

- my tiara (other material + lighter)
- my arm bracelets
- my long skirt + lace detail
- made a new underskirt
- made a hair barrette
- altered the dress with the golden ruffle center part
- made a new pendant with a pear shaped Swarovski sun catcher

Overall satisfaction: 9,5/10.
The waist is still too loose and the painting is still there but the rest is more accurate and detailed like she is in the game.

Pictures do not have a direct link with this page but can be viewed in my Gallery. ;-)


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Series Final Fantasy IX
Character Garnet til Alexandros 17th (princess gown)
Variant Final Fantasy IX


Narnian Beautifully done cosplay. Your attention to detail is truly admirable.