Son Gohan (Saiyan Armor)

Dragon Ball Z

Originally I was going to make Gohan's NAMEK saiyan armor, but that didn't fall through, so I decided to make his armor from when he and Goku are training to fight Cell in the room of spirit and time (hyperbolic time chamber)! I'll probably make his long black hairstyle and also the SSJ style since I've already got the wig!

-_-; I make these but never wear them anywhere. Need to go to more cons...

Edit: Finished the white gloves and working on the boots.

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Series Dragon Ball Z
Character Son Gohan (Saiyan Armor)

gogeto7 I will pay you any amount of money for certain cosplays. Please. I will (not) die if I don't get one.

SpawnedInHell This is by far the best saiyan armor I've ever seen. Oh what I would give to know how you made it...

needsaiyanarmor pleaseeeee tell me its for sale?

kamehameharry how did you make it, email me [email protected]

DragonRyugaSSJ3 i'd like to see the rest of how this costume looks's pretty underrated

Videl_GirlZ eres bien genial!

IzunaDrop247 That armor is like EXACT! Perfection beyond Cell lol! Awesome!

skydragon119 from what i can see it loking kickass :)