I bought 5m of 4 way stretch pvc. It was quite light and I will certainly be wanting to do this costume again in something that will retain its shine or be able to be reshined.

The pvc was used to make the catsuit first (cut so there was no seam down the front of the chest nor down the sides of the legs.)

Then I made the corset from heavy cotton canvas and the PVC. The curved seams wre boned with cable ties the straight seams with steel from a plumbers coil (the fronts curved so much though I had to replace them with a double layer of steel each front and then I ducttaped a steel either side for added support, these will be sewn properly now that I have time.)

Then it took me about 7 trials to actually get a working cowl! The problem is I have hair that I can nearly sit on and getting that on my head is not so hard but it adds extra bulk and can be hard to account for. Especially with all the extra lumps and bumps from the spiralled plaits;)
But in the end I used a layer of thin stretchy felt (from a Santa Suit) backed with nylon lycra cut to about 90% the size of the felt. This allowed for it to stretch over my head but then shrink back to fit. The PVC was patchworked over that using the seam lines of the original as much as possible.

I was going to cut down some gloves I made for my Moulin Rouge costume but decided to make a new pair, and I did. The PVC has worn right of the underside of the hand so I'm glad I find glovemaking relatively easy as I will need to make a new pair;)

The claws were made from the cover of a clearfile folder. I made strips and wired them to fit over my gloved fingertips. The claws were cut from finer strips which were scored to make them v shaped in section and backed with duct tape. these were wired to the rings and then back filled with epoxy putty. When dry I sanded back and painted them silver. The paint and epoxy just barely held up for a full day of wear (from 10am to about 1pm then a short break and back on for several more hours.)

Then I started the stitching for the cowl and the body suit... I have welts in interesting patterns up my legs from the needle. I was able to use my ducttape double for filling out the body to stitch over, but the arms and legs had to be on me to get the positioning right. That took several hours. I think two hours for the chest and back then an hour for each limb on average. It was difficult because of the stretch of the body.

I made some lace up boot covers for my boots which were about 3 1/3 inches tall which was tall enough. I never wear heels but when I do they do tend to be tall...

I made a Miss Kitty to carry everything in and she wound up stored with the 501st for most of the day with my camera inside her;)

I borrowed a bullwhip which I got retaught how to crack;) It was rather heavier than the one I used on stage several years ago and Michelle's for that matter but it was terrific fun;)


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FairyPorchQueen Hands down one of the best catwoman ive seen, and your claws look fantastic, i love everything about this costume

jazzynightowl i'm in the process of making my own catwoman right now. i'm using shiny dance fabric (breathes better than pvc and is cheaper), so making the cowl stay in place is gonna be fun. i'm thinking spirit gum.... i'm curious, though, what lines you used for the boning in your corset? from an image i have of michelle's, the lines look very curved and i'm not sure how the boning works with that.... i'll just have to experiment i guess.