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Acid Bomb!!
I really really love this cos.

But its quite difficult, of course I realized it right AFTER I began.
It's almost completly made of leather and I guess my sewing machine still hates me for sewing up to 4 layers together.
And this whole rivets ...

It costed about 100€ I guess, quite a bit for a poor little student.

But when I weared it, I was immediately convinced that it was worth the trouble and work ^^
Afterwards my foot hurted like hell, because a normally don't wear high heels and those boots got 10cm heels ...

But nevertheless I will wear it again in a few days.
Love it!


@Lady Shiva
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Spooky Elric Amazing work!

ArwenEvenstar Wow! Fantastic work on the Biochemist/Creator costume. I love how detailed it is and omg it looks exactly lilke it D: BRAVO!

Tigerpython Heute sag ich echt nur noch den ganzen Tag: Awwwwwww~ <3