Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories



it's not ready yet :3 the costume's still a bit too large from the waist, and i need to re-do the wig >__>
(i guess i'll have to buy another wig like that and sew them together...)


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Series Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Character Axel


mixiaiko VERY goodlooking Axel~ //starry eyed//

Hedgehog661 Your axel is my favorite =)

<xversusx> Awesome cosplay!! Um and sorry to bother you but where did you purchase your wig? ^_^''' Again i apologize I've been planning on doing axel as well and searching for the perfect wig. Thank-you!

Wolf_song924 AWESOMEEE! *falls over and drools* You look amazing!! Such a good Axel!!!

Fast Fred So I just wanted to say that I freaking ADORE your Axel cosplay!! I'm actually in the works of doing Axel myself, and your wig was the model I styled mine off of :3 I LOVE how you didn't go over the top with the spikes!! It actually gives off the appearance of a "natural" Axel look. I love that!! AWESOME work on all of the costume!! :3

AtticusPryce You're easily one of the best Axel's I've ever seen. o.o; If I ever met you, so help me, I'd jump you. XD

Komori-chan Okei, löydyit täälläkin. >__> En kyllä ymmärrä tätä sivua vielä, mutta yritän parhaani mukaan stalkata~!