NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams



1) The white shirt is made of elanca light.
2) Almost all parts of the cosplay are made of suplex. I couldn’t hand sew it, so, Ozana sew most of this cosplay. Thank you, darling. 8D
3) The boots were all made by me from the scratch. They're made of foam-something and covered with vinyl.
4) The jewelry parts were made of plastic and sew by me.
5) The hat-like-thing was made totally by me. Foam, suplex and lots of pain! It was a huge pain, really. 8D
6) Every single painting detail was hand-painted by me. God, it almost killed me.
7) The big jewel on my chest is made of card-board, vinyl and hope. 8D
8) The big moon you will see in most of the photos was made by me and my dad. It was used during the cosplay contest, and yes, it’s SO VERY BEAUTIFUL! *3*
9) Every single detail made of love. Really. 8D

Other comments:
This cosplay was one of my childhood dreams. i-i
NiGHTS is so lovely!
It had so much love in it that I think it really turned out great.

It is dedicated to my grandpa that was no longer here to see me using this cosplay and winning a contest with it. He will be in my heart always. i-i


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Series NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Character NiGHTS


sonic.h ñaaaaaa NiGHTS x////3 waaaa

Zergishzerg i was just playing that. wow, good job!

XepherMyu OMG, I've never ever seen a NiGHTS cosplay, but this is totally awesome! Love it, :3