Avatar: The Last Airbender



No wig for this costume yet, entirely hand made from top to bottom, excepting the boots. All pieces made with no pattern. The skirt and overdress were fairly easy to make, and it was really the armor where I wanted to make it special. I've seen lots of "suki's" with cloth stitched 'armor' or other armor tbh, not done that well, and I wanted to do a more realistic leather like armor, because I think that's what she's really wearing. I bought 2 yards of good quality vinyl, weathered it, cut it, trimmed it in black bias tape, stitched and hot glued it together and added about 30 eyelets so it could be held together with cording (and adjustable if I lose more weight) but more imporantly, so it really looks like armor. The bracers are the same, with 10 eyelets per bracer.

This was my first try at making anything that looked like armor, and I'm very pleased with how it is turning out.


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Suki


PuuNyaa Stunning suki!

Ysterath Your Suki came out wonderfully and having a Sokka is always a plus

shotzgoboom I'm glad to see your costume came out so beautifully! And you even had a Sokka to roam around with!