Sieg Wahrheit

Chaos Legion



The gauntlet is made of foam rubber covered by latex. I used some soft and thin foam rubber, so I would be able to bend my arm while I wear the gauntlet. The hand braces are made of plastic, which has also been covered with latex.

The cape is made of cotton, and the symbol on the back of the cape has been hand drawn.

The shoulder tattoos are printed on fabric and then sewed onto the shirt.

I redesigned a pair of leather pants so they would look like those Sieg wears. All adjustments done to the pants are made of metal and real leather, which gives it a realistic look.

The sword is made of foam rubber and latex, and it has a fiberglass rod as core, which reinforces the blade and prevents it from bending.


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Series Chaos Legion
Character Sieg Wahrheit


Drakkashi Chaos Legion is an awesome game! Just too bad Capcom only made a game based on the final book in the series.. I'd like to see more games based on the books! :D

Pine Apple OMG CHAOS LEGION!!! *spazzes* Aw man, I loved that game! I am SO loving the Siggy costume right now. <3