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The infamous thonged-villian himself! And you know I just can't pass up a good cod-piece, especially after making Vayne (my cod-piece swings and that makes me happy. If my body wasn't in the way it could go a full 360 degrees XDDD).

So anyway, there were a couple of firsts, as seems to be the trend with costumes I've been doing...first time dying feathers, making actual chest armor (rather than just shoulder & belt pieces), STRETCHY BOOT COVERS <33333, and this is my first time beading anything. Oh laa!

As I was looking over the original (not Dissidia) verison of Kuja, I realized that his upper body bits are all solid armor, none of it is fabric as most people make it...so mine is in fact....all solid. ^o^ The shoulder pieces (akak the purple outer bits) are all fully-lined, the interior is interfacing to keep the structure and then the round shoulder bits are paper-mache, craftfoam and a small amount of painter's tape (it got a layer inbetween the foam and mache lol). The silver shoulder details are craftfoam, as is the gold chest plate and overlaying silver belt bit. The belt details are all there, although I don't have a picture of the back of the costume yet.....lol. The buckles were spray painted gold in order to match the gold tones of the rest of the costume, since the shade they came in was really too brassy. @[email protected]

The cod piece has hand beading on the front and the back pieces to match the original design of Kuja. The butt cape also has gold beads every 5-6 inches along the gold stripe. That stripe bit, by the way, is two different ribbons, with a solid as the first layer and a slightly different shade of gold-translucent ribbon for the top layer. I wanted a specfic shade of gold but could only reach it with that method XDDD The gold bits around the shoulder armor also have beading on the sides, though you can't really see it cause I'm always doing a pose that covers it up LOL SLEEVESSSS.

The toe bits of the boot covers (aka the buckle & etc) are made from craft foam as well and attach over the fabric that makes up the actual boot cover. The leg armor was made with interfacing and then felt, which was then covered in the fabric and sewn over in lines in order to get that indented look Kuja's armor has.

The wig....one of my favourite parts, beyond the cod-piece, was originally a snow white wig I got from cosplay_wig on ebay. I used Katie Bair's wig dye in the light purple shade (I forgot the name omggg sorrrrrry T___T) and added my own style of gradient to the wig in order to match Kuja's. In the FMV scenes it looked to me like his hair wasn't totally white or totally purple and I really love gradients (I did the same thing with my Zero Kiryuu wig in order to match the manga coloured verisons of him <3), so I mean...why not, no? XD

The feathers were hand dyed/gradiented in the same manner, although I uses plastic wrap lightly sprayed with the dye on the larger feather and then simply sprayed the smaller one, in order to get a more even effect.

All in all this costume is really comfortable and OMFG I CAN SIT DOWN IN IT....unlike all my FFXII costumes LOL. The reception so far has been rather interesting...a lot of people barely remember FFIX. XD MUST BRING FFIX BACK! IT'S A GOOD GAME.....if you don't get lost in the massiveness that is the FFIX [email protected][email protected]


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MDA I have to say, your Kuja cosplay is so inspiring! It's beautiful, you really suit him!

carladawn I loooove this costume! No wonder you got showcased!

WiseLoad43 Wow, amazing cosplay! Lovely, work. ^^

Smexy Vizard I couldn't decide which costume to comment on they are alllllll so good!!!!! *w*b

Lintu666_222 awwww this is one of best Kuja cosplays I ever saw!!!! PERFECT!

Miyukisetsu ............I....love.....this. You are too talented. Hella awesome art AND cosplays?! IT'S NOT FAIR!! btw I'm bakamiyu on deviantart and I've had you on my watch list for like..EVARZ XD <33

Gaku_X Wow,you look so very,very fabulous! You're my official inspiration to get off my lazy butt and do the costume I've wanted to forever. The work you put into this-just,WOW.

Neko-Megaru Amazing Kuja Cosplay I absolutely LOVE it. I plan on doing a Zidane (dissidia design) cosplay here soon.

rofltrain Even through the massive crowd at Hatsu, it was impossible to miss the FABULOUS Kuja! Wish I had my camera at the time :<

Enchanted Epic costume :)

MajinCrystalia Kuja *_* One of my Top 3 FF Villians.


Ghai I got to see it first hand! Great in person. I also played "The place I'll Return Someday" for you guys at Neko on my Ocarina (the Ryu from Street Fighter)

Altair Nine was my favorite game...and Kuja's so terrifying it makes him all the more incredible.

beast4521 omg!! dam! that is awesome! u have an awesome skill

Lady Muramasa Your Kuja is great! I love the purple coloring that appears toward the tips of the hair.

MikauX omgwashness, i LOVE you *____* +touch~+ &#9829;&#9829;&#9829;

ccuddles I saw you at NekoCon. I love this Costume and congratz on the showcase!!!!!!

Vexation Kuuuuuuja! :3 Hey... would you mind sharing where you got the references? Friend of mine is doing the cosplay so... Yeah. She whines about not being able to find good references.

OnePotato FFIX was the best one, IMO. I hate how everyone just worships VII. -_- Anyway, this is amazing. One of the best cosplays I've ever seen. You definitely deserve the showcase.