Commander Simon

Gurren Lagann



I pulled my first all-nighter for this costume. 8D If you were at Momocon, it really showed. BUT. Before AZ, I spent like a whole day fixing all the mistakes I made in my sleep deprived state and essentially took the pimp coat apart before rebuilding it. I absolutely love Heat n Bond, but it took me a while before I learned the proper way to use it. ^^;

And on a funny note, without the pimp coat, I look like Elvis. XD The jumpsuit's design is RETARDED. The pants go OVER AND UNDER the shoes. I felt extremely stupid making my shoes like that. :P


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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Gurren Lagann
Character Commander Simon
Variant Timeskip, Commander


catwithoutagun Gah! As if you already weren't the perfect Simon before, I am so glad you did Commander version it looks fabulous! :3

Ramentwinster awesome simon cosplay! :D

Bur Loire I LUV YOU ELVIS..........I MEAN....SIMON!!!!!!

BlindCalliope =D You're still fabulous, Gwifgwif. (NEW NAME FOR YOU)