Terranell as Stahn Aileron

Stahn Aileron

Tales of Destiny

Cosplayer: Terranell
YATTA! Stahn was delayed a few times before he was finally debuted but he is finally presentable. Much to the surprise of some of my friends, this is actually my first crossplay. My friend Envel and I love Tales of Destiny and laughed at the possibility of cosplaying it together. Then one day I received a yellow mullet in the mail from her. From that point, I was locked in. This is my first time making armor, which I must say presented a great challenge! The costume's debut was postponed a few times due to how time consuming the armor was. It was bulky and a little fragile, but I think it turned out okay considering. It was most fun taking lots of "in character" pictures with Envel and my boyfriend. This costume wouldn't be fun without them!