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*haha* I'm a bit like Agito...just a bit, when my sewing doesn't turn out.

I actually dyed some white stretch popling with Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dye in Soft Orange for this costume. Dying is a long process and I don't do it unless I can't find the right color. I swear last year there was tons of Orange light bottom weight fabric, this year...none. I've been wanting to try out their fabric dyes and I was originally going to do Miki's pants this way too but I lucked out and was able to find the perfect material for his pants. Agito was not so lucky so I en-listed the help of my brother and we dyed the 2 lbs of white stretch poplin fabric orange. I have to say it came out fantastic!

I used a fleece hooded coat pattern to make it but I ended up having to alter the hood because it was way too big. I used white and black twill tape for all the stripes which I failed to do correctly the first time. So I had to redo them but they came out better the second thank goodness. I used some old fastening buckles from some boots I cut up for Ayane's costume. I make wonderful metal clinking noises when I walk *hehe*. Oh yeah the eye patch was made with fun foamies...needed something quick, worked out great!

The mask I failed to complete. It keeps hanging a bit low so I might need to come up with a different way to fasten it so it doesn't hang down so much. The wig needs a bit more work as well. It's close but I think it may need more layers :/

Overall it was a fun costume to wear. Very comfy when I'm not strapped down *lol*. I can't eat ice cream when I strapped down!! *gowls* Hey, maybe that is why Agito is so mad!


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Character Agito/Akito


Honyou Inuyasha Hey! I cosplay with Akido pants around sequim while rollerblading and am a friend of ilene xD I never EVER go on here but my DA is if you want to see my cosplays and you can contact me there or by my msn which is [email protected], i hear we're all going to cosplay sometime. XD Plus we need an akido for our group mine ditched.

GreenRiderNikki Yeah it wasn't me *hehe* no Colossal Con for me but thank you for the comment ^^

rinature actually that may have been someone else x_x but still, great cosplay! ^^;

rinature hey, I ran into you at Colossal Con. I was the CC Cloud who asked if you made your shirt. xD I really love this cosplay, it's so awesome!