Headband- Purchased at AB 06- I like my Suna headband moreso than my Konoha headband.

Gloves- Walmart
Black Shirt-Walmart
Boots- Hottopic
Tennis Skort- A sports store ^^;

Vest- made out of white canvas, The back is a corset style lace up, Pictures to come later.

Armguards- Made by me and out of duct tape, posterboard and elastic. Was actually really easy to do :)

Mask- Online.

EDIT- New Photos up :)


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Series Naruto
Character ANBU
Variant Personal style


momoiru1994 i also cosplay a anbu but you're realy great!!

ChibiMitzy This entire set turned out amazingly well, wonderful job on the cosplay. The fine details and accessories really add a lot to the cosplay!

ArtumeMoon Really cool! I love ANBU cosplays!

Thearah Cool concept, like the detail. :3

p1ng666 looks great!