CQB Halo 3 Armor

Halo 3



This was a pepakura build Halo 3 Armor I learned from the help of others on the 405th.com forums check the site out if you are interested in build Halo armor like this or just the ideas that are on the site for other Armor projects you might have.


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Series Halo 3
Character CQB Halo 3 Armor


BlitzFox Absolutely stunning, incredible job!

Psycho_Kitty Looks really good and I see u mentioned 405th. U a member on there too?

ronon_dex Well done and you did great on the helmet. It was a great idea to do a different kind of helmet that just the regular Master Chief style helmet. Again great job. One more thing would you by any chance do commissions for a similar armor?

Mikiru Beast.

dajudge5694 very nicely done! Looks great! What did you use for your under armor?

Llamousine hey, you must be doing pepakura.. im doing the same thing to make halo armor http://halocostuming.wikia.com/wiki/Pepakura_File_Index if you havent been there already, it's a great place to get started ^.^