Mizuhara Koyomi

Azumanga Daioh



I enjoyed Azumanga Daioh quite a bit, and I needed an easier costume to jumpstart my cosplay obsession after my first experience with Princess Venus. So I decided on Yomi, since I have glasses that look a lot like hers.

The costume has two "versions," although I prefer to not have too many photos from the first, only to prove it existed. I ordered my fabric for the top WELL before Halloween, and I didn't end up getting it until 3 weeks after. So, in order to have a costume, I got some cheap cotton in a close color and literally last minuted the top. I did it all the night before the Halloween party. The real top, done with sweatshirt fleece (because that's how the tops seem to behave IMO) was debuted at Fanime '07. It's been seen there, as well as at AX07 and Anime LA 08.

Retired after Anime LA 2008 because of the wig looking really crappy at the ends (I need to start using Oil Sheen on the ends of my long wigs), and I needed the hair to fill out the back of my fiancee's Luck Gandor wig. Memorialized as Kagura.


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Series Azumanga Daioh
Character Mizuhara Koyomi
Variant Winter uniform


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