Bulma/Bloomers/Buruma Briefs

Dragon Ball Z



Whether it's a good thing or not... Bulma's a character I've always found very easy to relate to. XD I'd been planning a Bulma cosplay of some kind for a while, and I picked this because I luff the hair. <3

Wig: Bought from a seller on E-bay who designs wigs for Vegas showgirls. XD I honestly had a lot of turmoil trying to land on a good texture for the hair... Bulma's appears more curly than frizzed out in the anime, but come on... look at the sheer VOLUME of it! O_O So, I went with a mixture of curled AND frizzed to achieve the shape and size. &gt;_<;;

Headband: E-bay.

Earrings: Pearls I found at Wal-mart. All the pairs were unique, so I tried to pick the flattest set. ^_^;;

Vest: I used Butterick 3954 (ooold pattern XD), with alterations. I actually bought the pattern used (it's size petite), in the hopes of enlarging it to my size, but the smallness actually worked for Bulma's tiny vest. XD I shortened it, broadened the shoulders, and made more room in the back to allow for the size difference. I also double-layered the cotton I used to make it sturdier and less see-through.

Dress: The fabric is from Trim Fabrics (online store). If you look at refs of this costume... you'll see the stripe spacing is hopelessly inconsistent. &gt;_<;; One minute they're half an inch apart, the next they're three inches apart. :P So, I just went with the close stripes.

Made using Butterick 5758 (old pattern from '98). I did some major mods... I shortened the dress, merged the yoke with the front piece, lengthened the sleeves, heightened the neckline, made the skirt narrower, and changed some seam placement. I also took in some seams to make it "curvier", so that it didn't look like a potato sack with sleeves. XD

Not all of the stripes match up, but... it's pinstripes. There's not much hope. :P I got most of them neat, so that'll have to do. &gt;_<;;

Socks: Slouch socks from E-bay.

Shoes: E-bay.

Dragon Radar: It's one of the new toys that came out with Dragon Ball Kai. :) It's electronic! XD I found it on E-bay.


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Character Bulma/Bloomers/Buruma Briefs


GoldfishGirl You're gorgeous! I love seeing all the different Bulma costumes.

MikoBura You did a great job!!

kaliko_rosa DISCO BULMA!!! -badumpdumpdump dadadadada STAYIN ALIVE!* okay all craziness aside, I love it!! this is truly the first version of this Bulma I've seen ^^. And so cute, looks just like it. Must be comfortable to wear too :O. I remember this point in DBZ was just full of weird outfits, Vegeta and the BadMan pink shirt, and Goku/Gohan in those weird racing sports coats. Great work! Especially in finding the blue wig :D

AinoMinako You make a really cute Bulma. ^^