Utena Tenjou

Revolutionary Girl Utena



Finally got around to putting this up...

This was one of my bigger projects. Utena is my hero, and I relate to her in a lot of ways, so I wanted to make sure that when I attempted this, I'd do her justice. I decided also that I didn't want to do it until I could come up with some ways to make it interesting or my own; for example, I used two different black fabrics, one of which was rose-patterned, and there are silk roses embedded in the resin part of the epaulettes.

She needs a few small repairs, and there are some adjustments I still want to make and details to add. The ring needs a pretty thorough re-doing, too.

This was also my first time winning any sort of award for a cosplay. :D


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Series Revolutionary Girl Utena
Character Utena Tenjou


Mahato Shey-Kun This is masterfully well done! How ever did you make the shoulder and neck jewels?