Tales of Graces



Pasuuuuucal I love her, she's so funny and hyper xDDD The first time I saw the design, I thought I saw a wig like this on ebay (ok?) and a few weeks later I decided to cosplay as her ;O;
A friend imported it and let us play *__*' Can't wait to get the game someday and now it's getting localized wow &gt;3<

Yay my first wig is really pink, but I used the artwork as reference, before I noticed they are red ingame and also in the skits/anime x"D forgive me, I like it nevertheless!!
Many many pockets do rock xD

For our last shooting with our group again, I've gotten through the effort (though it was really simple in the end) and made a wig by myself *3* It contains two wigs, one red and one white that I blended/sewed together.
The hair feels much more like Pascal now.
My staff is in progress, hope I can soon take photos with it.


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Series Tales of Graces
Character Pascal


Dark_Angel_15 Wicked Cosplay, what did you make the gems out of ?

Calico` Amazing! You make a wonderful Pascal! Tales fans FTW! :D

Naxel Wow I totally love you for this !