This is the second cosplay I've made by myself and the first time I've worked with props.

For the jacket and armwarmers, I used blue and white pleather with yellow satin, which was a total pain in the ass because a newbie sewer (if that's even a word) should NOT be working with material that 1. rips this easily 2. Doesn't push through a sewing machine 3. does not forgive you for any mistakes you made.
My lordie. This was so hard to make. Plus, I don't own any patterns of any kind so there wasn't much to work off of.

The headphones where just as much of a pain because I didn't know about the magical powers of Model Magic and wall plaster so I used like 50 layers Gesso on top of some porus foam and then painted it. Glue it to some old headphones and done.

For the shoes, I used some normal black dress shoes I already had and made boot covers (which I also did not know how to do and was a total pain).
The wig I got from the marketplace here (Meitachi sold it to me. She's great to work with) and it's the best wig I have ever had. It's extremely soft, very full, and nice to work with. I cut the bangs and trimmed it to look like my (and Kaiko's) actual hair.

My favorite part about the cosplay: The scarf. The bow always stays in place, but the scarf is adjustable. It's awesome.


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AznAnime Yo Kang, did I ever mention you're the cutest Kaiko ever? <33 I'm so sad I didn't see you last summer. -Anna

Sikorsky Great job!

Geni Really nice costume ^^