Princess Aurora

Sleeping Beauty



Working on a Princess Aurora cosplay, a last minute costume switch for Fan Expo. I'm doing the blue version; one pink gown per year is quite enough.


Crown: Made from heavy paper (300lb hot press watercolour paper--it's a little expensive, but durable with a smooth surface) soaked in water and then shaped by tying it around a cylinder. After drying, I sprayed it with gold paint--several layers of matte paint then a single layer of glossy paint. The matte under-painting softens the glossy paint to prevent it from looking like cheap sheet metal. I then glued the crown to a wire headband.

Necklace: Pretty much the same process as the crown, except I shaped it by actually wrapping the wet piece around my neck.

Skirt: The skirt is made up of six meters of twill, divided into eight panels. It's quite heavy. I made my own pattern for this one. The bottom is edged with about ten meters of hand dyed trim.

Bodice: To maintain the clean lines, I decided this bodice needed to be worn over a corset. I threw together the corset in about a day, it's made up of odds and ends that I found lying around and boned with hand cut spring steel bones.

The sleeves and bodice "petals" are made up of a pale blue stretch "sports" fabric. The petals were hand draped. The sleeves and main bodice were made up from patterns from "Period Costume for Stage & Screen: Patterns for Women's Dress, 1800-1909" by Jean Hunnisett.

The collar is made up of leftover white silk taffeta, from my Ciel gown, over a medium weight interfacing edged with wire.


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Series Sleeping Beauty
Character Princess Aurora
Variant Blue Gown


HottieNanako How did you come up with the pattern for the collar? That's the part that's still stumping me. BTW, your costume is totally WIN!

Saji I love it

WARPAINTandUnicorns I don't think i ran into you once during Fan Expo 2010 ^_^; Excellent job.

Thowra Awesome!

Ashers Great work, you make a fantastic Aurora!! :D