Miranda Lotto


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I love cosplaying as Miranda not only because I admire her, yet also because she allows me to express my sense of style and maturity. Her uniform seems that it would belong in my wardrobe, despite the fact that I'm not quite an exorcist... ^^U And of course, her dark eyes, narrow facial features, and figure all contribute to a certain mature beauty... Something about her image appeals to me, and I must say, it suits me very well. ^^
The clothes are comfortable, despite the sweltering heat it may cause me to feel... ^^U They also look professional, and Im grateful for this. Though I didn't make my costume, and have been ridiculed for that fact, I feel that this is what I'd say to those who dislike that: "I may not make the costume, but I make the character." I firmly believe that cosplay is an art, and not only for those who craft their own costumes. I greatly respect and admire those who do, yet some of us simply don't have the skill to do so, and shouldn't be degraded for it. I feel that as an actress and character, I've attained a sense of professionalism, even if I couldn't make my costume.
... This is my first cosplay, however... Perhaps I shouldn't be so confident... ^^U


@Thalia June
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Series D.Gray-man
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Seshiru I like very much your Miranda's cosplay ! =)