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Everything in this costume has been revamped in some way. My first attempt at this costume was in 2009, used in January 2010. Well, its time for a makeover!

A green knee-length skirt my mom didn't want, so i shortened it and took the pockets off of it, making it a plain green miniskit.

It was a bright yellow tankiki until i got my hands on it, making it a bright yellow, orange-trimmed bikini top! The black belt around the top is the same pleather/vinyl used in my Yuffie cosplay. The metal belt peices are something i salvaged off of a pair of kapris.

Knit by yours truely in 2 days timing, its a 9 foot scarf made of 100% cotton thread, and gradient-dyed by using a spray bottle and lots of patience.

+Arm warmers
Remade and actually sew properly so they don't fray everywhere anymore, made from white cotton fabric

Dark brown gloves i found lying around the house, and just cut the fingers off.

Made with patience and perserverence, i used white feathers and took 4 different orange/yellow markers/highlighters and made them into a gradient color like the scarf, and attached them to earring hooks.

+Pockets + Belt
A yellow belt was from a store nearby. The pockets were made with the same vinyl/pleather material as the belt around my neck for the top, except in a cream color. I then took the material from the original tankini that i cut off and put the fabric on it using glue.

Before i begin explaining the boots, keep this in mind;
That is all. This is a mistake i researched all over the internet about. Everyone just said to use acrylic paint with textile medium. I didn't know what i was doing wrong, but THIS DID NOT WORK FOR ME. No matter what, the paint chipped away and i finally gave up and just used regular fabric paint. Know what? It works 10x better and i didnt have to make as many coats of the same color.
Rainboots, originally purple. I cut off the top of them since there were belts on it, and it ended up being just the right length i needed. I then traced the triangle i needed cut out on the front, and did so. I took the part i cut out and lowered it some. I attached some random fabric on the inside using hot glue and fabric adheasive to make sure it stayed.
After trial and error with painting with acrylic paint mixed with textile medium like many people said to do, it kept chipping away no matter what. I finally just took rubbing alchohol and scrubbed the layers and layers of acrylic paint off. It was a two day job and i was covered with a cloudy blue color after it all but it was worth redoing. It doesnt chip AT ALL now and im proud of them

Paint used:
Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Black(19)
Pebeo Setacolor Opaque White(10)
Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Cornflower(57)

Note;; Because i cut the boots at the top, they scratched up my legs the entire weekend and left me with raw hurting legs afterwards. I solved this already by attaching a soft silky black ribbon around the inside edge. You can't see it from the outside, and the part that was scratching me up was the inside edge i suspect from painting/gluing mistakes on the triangle, and that since i cut the boot which wasn't meant to be cut shorter, made it a bit rough. The problem's solved now though ^^

Originally two Hannah Montana wigs from walmart (haha) put together, i used foam beads and painted them the appropriate colors. Now, buying <a href="http://shop.cosplay.com/linda-xl.html"&gt; this </a&gt; wig from Cosworx (or what it is now) and i'm planning to make the beads out of wood this time. the headband was blue cotton fabric.

They were bought from a store my friend took me to for $20. I only have one now since i accidently let one dry out and it shattered. Literately. Hehe. Anyway, i only wore them friday for the first day of Ohayocon since they dried out my eyes so much.

They were made entirely from foamcore, although a lot of people questioned what they were made of and once they felt it, thought it was wood (which made me happy, of course) I was happy to know that they looked so good and were durable enough to be mistaken to be made of wood. The round part where the "blades" around the handle should be are sanded outward to make them "blade" like. If anyone is interested in having me commission them, i might in the future. Just keep in mind they aren't made of styrene or wood. They're foamcore. The only "fragile" thing is the blade its self. They're cosplaying props, not beat-your-friends props. The blade part WILL snap like normal foamcore would if pressure is applied. I do use two layers for the entire thing though. It's pretty durable and survived the whole weekend despite being constantly sat on or rammed into. The only thing i had to redo was re attach the blade to the round part (they're two separate pieces) since my friend pulled them off a couple times accidentally.

If you have any questions at all about anything, feel free to contact me on here or through my email! I don't bite (:


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Patastrophic Very nice! Super cute Rikku