Naruto Uzumaki




'Debuted' informally in July 2010.

For this, I made everything but the headband, kunai pouch, kunai, butt pouch, necklace, and shoes.

"Modifications" are to the outer coat and the scroll (not shown); I was playing with how to subtly blend Naruto's different jackets in a "progression to Sage" way. :P Pardon my lamefail with that.

I intend to re/make the pants, shoes, and headband at some point. (After losing a bit of weight, I should also bring in the jackets, but ehhhhh...)

The wig also deserves some TLC, now that I've got more practice with hair styling (see that hack-job in the back?). I had made a lot of mods to the wig that I'd bought, but it ought to be trimmed down agani. The wig that I used is punky style from cosworx in a combination of lighter colors (that I couldn't remember to save my life at this point).

Originally, I'd also bought shoes that would have been accurate, but HELLO COSPLAY NEVER SENT THEM TO ME (shank you guys. really). I have the bits and pieces to make my own now... and we'll see how that works out. If it does. I'd also like the headband material to be longer and consistent with the rest of the black fabric that I used for this outfit.

Yesss. Naruto. Better. Someday.


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Series Naruto
Character Naruto Uzumaki
Variant Mods on Standard Outfit


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