CosplayerGabi as Zoë Washburn

Zoë Washburn


Heart Of Gold Episode

Cosplayer: CosplayerGabi
Well she started as something I was going to wear to the Serenity premier with other friends dressed as the crew. I bumped it up to complete by Dragoncon 2005 since I knew there would be Browncoats there.

The vest wasn't the pain in the ass I thought it was going to be. After deciding to use a vest pattern instead of a princess seamed dress top I cut out a mock up and drew on where I thought the seams were. That went well. Turns out she has buckles on both sides. It was terribly annoying preparing each strap, buckle, and stay. 32 pieces total.

Had to make the back piece twice because the machine tried to eat the fabric when I tried to top stitch the back seam.

Found the shirt, its courderoy and it has a nice rich color when photographed. Altered the pants quite a bit with fit and taking things off them.

I've made two holsters. The first one was made in one night due to time constraints. It fit right and served it's purpose but it could have been neater... The second one I spent 2 days on and did a much better job on. Also got to update the back bullets with 12 instead of 10 like previously thought. The bullets now stay in without any help from tape or glue.
I also like the arm strap. It is fun to wear it in real life. I carry around a sawed off toy shotgun with sound effects.

Got the wig from ebay and I LOVE it. People mistake it for my real hair. O_o
The boots are my own.