Cowboy Bebop



This costume was a quick one to make. I purchased the cat suit online and made several alterations to it so that it would fit correctly. I made the belt myself and attached it with velcro, and embellished the collar with little silver studs.

The shoes were a real challenge because I wanted at least 4.5" heels. Which I found, but they were torture to walk in. I lasted about two hours. Good thing I brought a second pair of 1.5" heels to change into.

The wig was pretty easy to curl, I just put it in rollers and wet the whole thing with hot water. I used product and spray to keep it from frizzing, and it did a great job of staying neat during the con. :D

The biggest problem I encountered was that the wig had TOO MUCH FIBER. I didn't want to thin the wig, but there was just so much big curly hair going everywhere, that I looked even smaller >.>

This costume was also very very comfortable. (Other than the shoes) I could wear it all day! It breathed wonderfully. :)


Views 2002
Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Cowboy Bebop
Character Julia
Variant Cat suit


Loque Cole Julia, nice. You should do a Fire Emblem character yo.

(Spector) I love this costume.