Rikku (festival)

Final Fantasy X-2

@Chocobo chic


I love the Festival Goer dressphere, its so comfortable and extremely easy to make.
Still missing a few details like the detatched sleeves with the brown string and the darker blue borders of the collar.
I need to add more dots to it also and make the cotton candy and fish bag props.
Hopefuly i will get all these things done + make Yuna's for my freind sweetfantasy.

Photo courtesy of Ernesto J. Photography :)


@Chocobo chic
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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Rikku (festival)


Kyte27 That's so awesomely cute! Not to mention you do Rikku really good in any sort of form =D

Narga I like this costume. Nice work!

Morrigan-Misa You looked cute

roykurasagi I was at that convention you where great! XD