Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



Wig: Cut and styled by me, ordered online from eBay. 52 inches!

Makeup: Coverup, white eyeliner, white liquid eyeliner to turn my eyelashes white.

Armor: Wonderflex, gesso, silver spray paint, Spackle, aquarium tubing, drill bits (used to create the holes), ropes, clips, and varnish.

Coat: No pattern used, made from 2 kinds of leather and wire.

Buckles/Studs: Purse buckles, Wonderflex, gesso, paint, scrapbook brads.

Bracelets: Bought, covered with gesso, Wonderflex, and paint.

Gloves: Bought from Lord and Taylor, used for Dissidia Sephiroth and Aeon.

SOLDIER Belt: Leather, 4 ply thread, scrapbook studs, hook-and-eyes, cord, and Wonderflex.

Pants: Bought from a local store, altered by me.

Boots: Leather, belt buckles, gesso, spray paint, hot glue, and shoe soles.

Sword: Doorframe wood, clay, acrylic paint, and aluminum tape.

Materia: Bought at NYAF 2009, clear acrylic ball.

-Version 1: Copper pipe, chicken wire, felt, belts, clips, and 1 pound of Rainbow Feather black feathers hand sewn onto the frame.

-Version 2: In construction, begins December 2009, deadline is March 2010.


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Sephiroth


sub0scientist AQUARIUM TUBING! How could I not have thought of that before?! I'm planning a Zevran Arainai cosplay and have been fretting about the armour. Can you soften the tubing and then cold-cure it so that it flattens out a bit? Also, where did the spackle come into things? I have to build up Zevran's armour (it's thick), and I'm worried that Wonderflex alone will be too thin. :\ Your pauldrons look so nice and thick. (And I reaaaaally don't want to fiberglass, although I could if I had to.)

Garen You were at NYAF? I missed you! Oh wait, no I didn't, I was busy looking for General Cross and you were being mobbed by camera-wielding fans. Nevermind.

Sephirayne Fab job on this version. Love the wing and wig. XX