Arielle as Sally


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney/Tim Burton

Cosplayer: Arielle
A huge thanks to Lisa Fabio for not only helping me create the dress but also for helping inspire the cosplay in the first place! I had a blast being Sally the Ragdoll for Halloween, and I can't wait to take her to some cons and see what kind of a reaction she gets.

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My friend Lisa and I put this together in 2 days. We went to the fabric district, I picked out my fabric, then we created the pattern and made the dress in the same day. Most of that was all Lisa...I did as much grunt work as I could though, haha!

Over the next day or two I added the details, like drawing on the swirls and stripes, hand sewing the polka dots and hand painted patches, and adding the yarn stitching all over the dress. I was lucky enough to already own the perfect shoes and "socks" which are actually leg warmers. I wore white tights on my legs and arms for warmth but I hope to improve on those the next time I wear her with real yarn stitching as well. Hair is my own and makeup was done by me.