Woodrow/Garr Kelvin

Tales of Destiny

@Lady Arieta


I realized that Woodrow, or his American name, Garr, has absolutly no love in the U.S. So I thought I'd actually just whip him out because he IS one of my favorite characters..Hell, ANYBODY except Kongman are my favorite in Destiny.

Not much for me to say aside from making his pants was probably the most fun, Swirly swirls~! His armor and the lobster claws were commissioned by Amethyst Angel(?). I just couldn't figure them out lol.

Edit: I did not have enough time to finish the swordian, but perhaps next time cause I"m not retiring this costume anytime soon xD


@Lady Arieta
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Series Tales of Destiny
Character Woodrow/Garr Kelvin


IcyTempest WOODROW! Wow, your cosplay is awesome! Can't wait to see the swordian :D