Kurosaki Hisoka

Descendants of Darkness



Total Cost: $40

This was my very first cosplay from way back when, before I even got a wig. My picture was taken by EurobeatKing, despite that I didn't have to blonde wig. Now that I do, I think it's time I showed off my first (somewhat fail) cosplay.

The orange shirt was actually from my grandmother. It's a V-neck that I've turned around and hidden underneath a light blue denim jacket. I went out shopping and found a pair of light blue jeans to match the jacket as closely as I could.

This wig was originally for my Tamaki Suoh cosplay that I'll be debuting soon, but I styled it and hid a few strands behind my hairs to make it look like more Hisoka than Tamaki.

As of now, this cosplay is retired, sadly. I may wear it out occasionally, but then I don't consider it cosplay, haha.


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Created 11 years ago
Series Descendants of Darkness
Character Kurosaki Hisoka
Variant Canon


Keiki Question: Were you the Hisoka that was running around NDK a few years ago with the long, blond-ish hair pulled back? If so, I ran into you quite a few times (one of which I was Watari xD) Also, thanks for the comment on my photo~