The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Just did a photoshoot! Love the results!

Well, the chainmaille is slowly coming along in between all of the other commissions that I have. I might finish the darn thing when I'm 80, lol. =)


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Link


Kungfufish this looks so amazing, I can't wait to see it when your finished!

Torayami Fantastic^^ What kind of fabric did you use?? :D

CourtoonXIII Ooo! This looks awesome!! I love the wig!

Pirogoeth05 That is the most detailed Link costume I've ever seen. It is awesome!

ollyodd Wow I love your link!!! :) soo detailed and awesome! How'd I miss u at youmacon :( wish I coulda got pics with ya in my agitha costume.

keith_ketelsen That's awesome! The sword is really beautiful and all the details you put in your costume <3

carladawn Amazingly made!

Lyss22 Great Job on this outfit!! Looks just like him!

Thekingofspace I love the work on the bracers!

ArbitersGrounds I uploaded some picutres today so tell me what u think please =D

seawaterwitch Very cute link *___*b

SyrinxGM WOW now THOSE r sideburns xD

ry84 Very wicked costume - excellent attention to detail. ;)

Earthychan Wow... your costume looks amazing!! Great job!!!!