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To start us off, I'll make it simple and easy to understand as best I could ^^

For the top, pants, hand covers, tie and hair tie at the back.. I had resorted to my local tailor because I don't seem to have a lot of trust on the online costume making services. Who knows when they would arrive late or be damaged during packaging or even if they fit!

That scared me so I went to for the tailor to have my costume personally fitted to my body.

The top is polyester fabric thus if I sweat, it will not adsorb liquid fast.

For the pants, the fabric is rather stretchable and fitted my hips and legs perfectly. They used the same material for my arm covers as well.

The bow and the tie were nicely done and detailed.

My DIY section comes now.

I only did two things which were the belts. For the belt around the waist. I did not have or found any lavender belt around my area so I resulted to sticker paper.

I painted some A4 sticker papers with lavender and once they were dried, I cut them and paste them over my belt. Since my sticker papers can only stick to the belt for only for a few minutes, I resulted to tape to keep the sticker paper stay as they were with more stronger tape behind the belt. I used the same method for my other side belt.

How did I get the side belt? Simple. I used my sling bag handle which had a clip on at both sides so it worked perfectly. Once sticked down properly with the lavender sticker papers, I used dark lavender color to make the detail triangle.

My red eyes are of course contact lens.

For the headphones, they are real headphones and once again I used the A4 sticker paper that I colored it lavender to make the details.

If you're wondering why the fringe of the wig was like that, that day we didn't have any wig spray so it had resulted to that situation o.o;


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Kazui.Kori Thank you Seority! :D

Seority Very nice Haku!

Kazui.Kori Thanks a lot gals! x3 @solstis >> Well now you can see it xD

solstis Looks great :3 A4 sticker paper... I've never seen that used before :3

ToroSonyCat awsome haku cosplay!!