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[2009]: I've liked this Lavi costume very much and wanted to make it so we sewed the 2-nd uniform with Ariatt, Allen's cosplayer. I sewed the jacket and the pants by myself and we made the silver trimming together. But later I decided to remake this costume in order to make it even better and also to craft a new hammer which would be bigger then the old one.

[2012]: I wasn't completely satisfied with the first version of my costume so in 2012 I decided to make a completely new one! It took a week of work because I really wanted to make it to Moscow cosplay festival Cha-no-Yu. My second costume turned out to be more detailed and closer to the original because I based not on anime this time but on D.Gray-man manga and official arts and looked them through very carefully. I'm glad that I also remade my hammer, now it has proper proportions and looks more massive. And I like my new wig more than the old one because I think Lavi looks better with crimson hair.

Defile video [November 2009]:

Defile video [July 2012]:


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Lavi Bookman
Variant 2-nd uniform


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