Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



To do:
-STYLE WIG - Make additional wefts for wig, single length. Continue spiking after wefts are done.
-Get a nicer white shirt and modify it
-Make the Electro-Mag Rod (EMR)

Reno 2.0: Valentine's Day
-Make valentines (?)
-Make boxers

-Bought second pair of motorcycle goggles from ebay, more accurate this time.
-Bought wig
-Bought suit jacket, modified what was necessary (AIDS Thrift ftw!)
-Bought suit pants (AIDS Thrift!)
-Have glue and acrylic paint for painting eyebrows
-Made cat ears and tail
-Have styling products for wig
-Black socks
-Nana Pole Climber Boots as shoes-- they have a low heel and will be covered by the pants for the most part so no one will even know they are tall boots
-Sports wrap bandages for binding -- seal with liquid latex
-Will borrow black collar with O ring from Laura, will keep own leash in pocket, just in case...
-Bought paint, D rings, and craft foam for EMR. Also have the cardboard necessary to make it.
-Found, modified, printed, and laminated a Shinra badge for Reno. put it temporarily in one of my Otakon badge's plastic cover, added clip for it.
-Cut and measured wig fiber for wefts
-Sewed wrist cuff and strap for EMR
-Silver hoop earring
-Bought boxers
-Red eye/lip liner for tattoos


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
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