Soulcalibur IV



I'm one of the few who seems to like this version.

Made 3 weeks before the convention. A lot of it was trial and error, and making the red jumper stay in place all day was a lost cause. Many lessons learned with this though. I once again learned that on super hot days, vinyl is going to expand.

More to be written later.


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Soulcalibur IV
Character Tira
Variant 1st player


Vendetta13 Love the playful look. Very Tira

aidynOrosco Best Tira I've seen :D

if-i-were-rain2 You probably look the most like tira out of anyone i know^^ Amazing job!! Tira's my fav SC character did you sew all the white lines in yourself, or was that the fabric???

Enmy Hey, your on deviantArt aren't you? you put some of these pics up there too...

nopperabo i haven't seen sume1 do this version b4! love it!

The_Wolverine Awesome