Sasuke Retrieval arc (purple shirt, armor, navy skirt, red obi). Will include full costume, wig, and full-size fan.

UPDATE! 1/26/13: bought a new version of this costume from the lovely tommyish here on coscom! It actually has the armor :D

7/15/10: Shirt and wig finalized...wig may need wefts.
7/19/10: Wig DEFINITELY needs wefts.
8/11/10: Bought my wefts the other day, am now working on sewing them in. This'll take a while. I also have the fabric for my skirt and the fabric for the sandals; I just need a pair of flip-flops for the base.
10/1/10: 7 days to Banzai. Finished the skirt and leggings today. I just need the flip-flops, the obi, the armor, and wefting.


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