Toph Bei Fong

Avatar: The Last Airbender



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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Toph Bei Fong
Variant Fire Nation Disguise


drtfoot000 more toph feet please

Narnian Thank you! ^_^

LadySiha I love your Toph, so much! ^0^

Kiandra Thank you for the comments, you're so nice!! I absolutely love your Toph, it's very accurate!! And yeah, your icon picture is an epic win XDD

elanor-elwyn excellent!

kairatera "it's upside down, isn't it?" -_-# Good idea!

Narnian Thank you all so much! Your comments make me so happy. ^_^

everythingman This one is my favorite. If the fates allow we need to link up for a convention or photoshoot one of these days...

Shahrazad BTW this costume is great, but the icon picture really captures the character! Great job! you make me smile!

SuperBee LOVE your Toph! Hey you plastered the poster backwards...

Milena Hime Great :3

tenren Great Toph!! Would love to see more pictures :D

Trir Awesome Toph. Especially love the one photo you used as Icon. XD

momoiru1994 you make a great Toph ^^ i kinda miss avatar ><

anime_wench I swear to goodness I commented on this like a bazillion years ago... huh. Your pictures are so cute... I wish I had you for our Avatar photoshoot! ^_^

jascarly123zo LMAO! XD luv ur piccy! XDXD always luved that part!!

shotzgoboom Haha! I love your icon picture!

deshwitat AWSOME XD