Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



This is such a comfortable costume to wear. I used a lot of research on traditional Indian clothing and belly dancing costumes for my interpretation of the design. The "choli" top is complete and seperate from the hooded cloak. It has hook-and-eyes as the back closure and an elasticized bottom to prevent any possible flashing so its actually a dance worthy top. The green of the harem pants are matched fabric to the burnt orange lining of my Yukito's robe. We looked very striking together.

All the jewellery is hand made by me. I used a mix of materials I had on hand, canabalized second hand jewellery, and metal charms picked up on sale in Toronto or from Etsy. The focal crystals may be my favourite part since they cast rainbows all over the place when I'm out in the sun.

The hardest part of the design was likely making the templates for the painted peacock designs along with the sculpting necessary to make the staff.

My favourite skills I learned for this costume were definately two: french seams <3, and sculpting craft foam! Definately looking forward to using this skills in future costumes. I even got to use my fabric painting skills from my fire kimono.

I can't believe I'm linking this, but here's our skit: [ ]


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura
Variant Artbook Peacock Costume


Moofingham Man, the one year I don't go to AN and miss you guys is the one year you guys make such awesome tsubasa costumes. (Actually, all of your costumes are as always, awesome. But I lament none the less since I love that set of costumes from the art book) But seriously, you and Kat look amazing! You going to AN this year?

Maranatha How do you make French seams? Your edges look very clean.