The boyfriend, mriswith, chose Heatran from the available male gijinka. Reference here: http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a270/rkogurl44/Pokemon/Gijinka%20PKMN/?action=view&current=485.jpg

My boyfriend assisted, and we made this costume for him for the huge Pokemon Gijinka gathering at AN08 arranged by Chibik3ro.

The jacket was based on a pattern and modified, the zipper is a 2 way zipper, 80cm long, because he's so tall. It's orange twill, and there's flex-i-firm in the collar to have it stand up. The yellow splotches are acrylic paint with medium in it to make it behave more like fabric paint. White cuffs are also made of twill.

The grey shirt was bought at a goodwill shop, and the stripes painted on (yay masking tape).

Headband is broadcloth with a fabric paint oval (all the edges are hemmed, yay!).

The pants were purchased from a goodwill shop in that strange orange color, and have a ton of pockets. They're polyester, and they were painted with acrylic paint and medium for more flexible paint. Huge thanks go out to Nica who painted while we were working on other costume bits.

Shoes he already had and just wore.


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Series Pokémon
Character Heatran
Variant Gijinka (human form, fanart based)


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