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Finally! A costume I'm actually proud of! I'm obsessed with Guild Wars and I love Gwen so much! I'm soooo happy I'm the first Gwen cosplayer!

- Inspiration: I love Gwen!! Guild Wars has become my MMO of choice, and I desperately wanted to cosplay from it. Gwen is one of those characters who has an ongoing history throughout the games (hell, the fourth release is abbreviated "GW:EN" ^^) so she caught my interest. I actually wasn't that interested in her until I decided I wanted to cosplay her. Now I'm almost obsessed XD

- Design: I tried to be as accurate as possible with this costume. It's all in-game graphics so she's exactly the same in every screenshot, which is extremely nice when making a costume.

- Construction: Everything is made from scratch. The top gave me hell at times, but I think the end product does the character justice. The only thing I bought was the tights, which I had to dye a greener color.

I'm not really surprised, but not one person knew who I was at ACen D:


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Character Gwen


moaz That's really awesome job ! Congrats ;)

Coles Absolutely fantastic. After seeing this, I think I need to use Gwen in my party more oftem.

Westmiller I remember seeing this from the Guild Wars site some time ago. You did a excellent job on Gwen =D

Ontic007 I love Guild Wars. I've been playing since the beta came out and haven't stopped yet. In fact, Guild Wars is in my background now as I work on my "Drunkard" title track, ya I'm a dork. But the likeness and beauty you posses of Gwen are stunningly fantastic! Great Mesmer attack too!

Yelena I like Gwen very much (my favourite character in Guild Wars) and you are a really perfect Gwen! Just great!

EnigmaticEngel WOW! If I was at a Convention and saw you, I'd scream out "Oh my god!! It's Gwen from Guild Wars!! No way!! O____O" And probly squeal :P lol. I LOVE Guild Wars sooo much and always wanted to do a Cosplay from it myself, be it a official Character or my own (Example: My Necromancer, as I have a great Fabric Store here that just screams "make Guild Wars Cosplays"), I saw your Avatar on a comment and knew right away it was Gwen!! You really did her Justice I'm very impressed. Looks like she walked out of the game and I mean that! You really look like her too! Thanks so much for putting up pics, because I think you couldn't have done any better on this Cosplay...I'm just in complete awe O.O :D 20/10!! Fantastic Job ^^

lotr pretty girl!! ı liked that!!!!!!!!!!!

GalahadPC After a friend referred me to this gallery, I registered on this site for the express purpose of telling you how awesome you are. So, take that how you will. It's positively blasphemous that nobody recognized you at your convention though... Gwen deserves more love than that! :p

Nevturiel Beautiful job!

Angeal i love guild wars i play all the time you did a great job Guild Wars rocks!!!

Gryphus Amazing. You totally look like Gwen!

Curzon79 Wow you make an awesome Gwen. I've playing gw now for three years. Your costume is simply stunning. Fantastic Job. Tyria needs her heroes.^^ Guild Wars FTW

carladawn Pretty!!

AuroraPeachy Thank you so much everyone!! ^_^

Gemore Wow. Really impressive. Got to love GW!

kalmankukka That really looks like Gwen! :D P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

Zav Just one word: perfect! Costume, background, poses, yay it's Gwen in pre-searing! Congrat's for that, you really made it ;) I guess I found about 16/20 emotes >w<

Stuart444 oh and one more thing I forgot to add in my last comment, if I had the choice of anyone to be cast as Gwen, I would pick you, seriously <3

Stuart444 I LOVE YOU (not in that way >_> ) I LOVE guild Wars.....and I love GWEN <3 she is awesome *stares at the pictures >_>*