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The yellow dress and blue/white overdress are separate pieces, just like it is shown in the artbook sketches. However, the white sleeves are just spandex sleeves designed to be worn on the arms under the dress (with so many layers, it's just too hot to wear another full dress underneath!)

I used a sundress pattern as the base for both dresses, but I had to remove one of the three big skirt panels. Even with a petticoat, it was just too much fabric! The yellow puff sleeves were made with my favorite puff sleeve pattern that I've used for a ton of different costumes.

The dress has a poofy petticoat underneath for the shape, and the belt is actually functional to give the dress its shape (without the belt, the dress is very loose and rather shapeless - so I made the belt similar to a Renaissance-style corset, with metal grommets and leather lacing).

The waist sash and headscarf required some "tweaking" from what I originally thought I'd be doing. Seems that the artists took some creative liberties with the designs, so the fabric doesn't quite behave as actual fabric would. For example, the triangle waist sash needed extra pieces added to the front where it ties to get the proper shape. The headscarf was two pieces - a "hat" and a "hair sock". All the little triangles were hand-painted with Tulip Soft Paint.

The wide black edging at the collar and skirt, and the red edging on the waist sash, was handmade. The only purchased bias tape was on the blue skirt triangles and the little bits of white at the collar.

The fur on the boots was hand-sewn down (the boots were originally bought for my Twilight Princess Zelda costume!) and I plan to add white ribbons for the wraps on the sides.

Nall was made from a free online pattern that I modified into the correct fur patterns. The wings were made from plastic canvas, fleece, and real feathers. His features were made with fleece, felt, and fabric paint.

The wig was custom dyed from a Clover-L in light blue. The bangs and side bits were styled with a hairdryer on high heat and a set of velcro rollers. A little Got2B Glued spray kept the ringlets in place, even during heavy wind!

This was a super fun costume to wear and I'm thrilled how many people recognized the character. I was afraid I'd be another obscure RPG character in this, but a lot of people knew the character and game. I got a lot of photos and compliments, and everyone loved Nall. I'll definitely be wearing this one again!

I have become the master of the quick change with this costume. On two separate occasions, I've had to change into Luna very quickly for hall cosplay awards during the main cosplay show, even though I'd been in a different costume at the time. It's getting almost to the point of Magical Girl Transformation Sequence... if only I had the power to do it without going back to my hotel room...


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Series Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Character Luna


Aleathia Burns Luna is one of my favorite characters and you did a great job. I love your craftsmanship and the way you protrayed her.

Kildread Your costume is amazing, it's endearing to see Luna brought to life so well!

AiRin_Hoshina omg i saw you at akon 21, i love love love lunar, your costume is gorgeous

EmperorCesar Absolutely love the Luna costume. Lunar SSTC use to be one of my favorite games back in the day.

[Rubedo] OHMYGOD. This is amazing, I adore your costumes and I'm so happy that someone would do Luna justice. :]

Hopie I absolutely love your Luna! I've been wanting to cosplay Lucia from Lunar 2 for forever, so if I do it, I'm forcing you to rewear this! Hahah. ^^