Quistis Trepe

Final Fantasy VIII

I’ve always wanted to cosplay Quistis since I loved her character and I could wear my glasses.
have contact lenses, that’s not such an issue, but it’s still useful to already have glasses for the costume. (I know she only wears her glasses with her SeeD uniform, but anyway…)

I bought most of the costume, and added the finishing touches myself. I tried to include all the details that are often missed out, because of the lack of reference pictures for the characters. I found a cheap belt made up of two chains, which was perfect and saved me spending double the money on two chains. I also got cheap earrings for the ornamentation at the waistband. I added the ribbon that attaches the sleeves to the top and that was everything I had to do. I already had suitable trousers, boots, glasses, and gloves.
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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Quistis Trepe
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