Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing




This was my first cosplay. AND of course I had to choose to do a double-breasted blazer pant suit for my first sewing project (sewing newcomer) ARGH! But hey people thought I had bought the suit so I guess that means I did well. &gt;^-^<

I tried to be as accurate as possible, as I plan to do with all my cosplay.

--&gt; The double-breast blazer has an accurate # of buttons and the closes on the proper side. The blazer technically has no lapel/collar in a majority of the anime but in some episodes she has one (which is easy to fix because I have my lapel stitched the inside for easy change). It took awhile to find a good shade of olive green for her suit.

--&gt; I added cuffs to the pants this year. I've tailor my undershirt w/button down collars and my blazer for a better fit.

--&gt; My hair would have been better but I had it trimmed a couple of weeks ago and it should be getting its spring growth spurt and then add some volumizer and some gel an I'll have Integral hair w/o a wig. Too bad my hair has darkened over the years, I wish I still had my light dirty blonde form childhood!!!

-- I have a black 9mm die-cast that was I think a cap gun but ww fixed that.
-- The glass are simply empty frames.
-- The tie is made by hand and tied in a double-winsor by my b/f.
-- The cross I have on presently is a cross of an anglian (England) order I belong to (so I guess it suits Integrals heritage lol) but I have made a new, more size-accurate cross.
-- I will have a fake smoking cigar for the convention to add some fun for photos
-- The shoes were a perfect find! I searched for about 3-4months for just the right pair.

.... watch out for close/intimade scenes w/my alucard [Goth-X]


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Character Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing


Sir Catherine Finally another Integra cosplayer with dark hair. Wigs are such a pain to get right and I flat out look horrible as a bond.