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I love Ayumi Hamasaki. Literally half my big book of future costume plans is made up of Ayumi costumes that I've fallen in love with over the years. This particular costume stands out a little from the rest, as it's one of the few PV costumes that I've been wanting to make for a while (80% of my favourite Ayu costumes are from her stage shows).

I'd always liked this costume, but I was confused about the bottom half and lacked motivation until Sarcasm-hime started working on her costume from the same PV (she made a dark blue/indigo as per one of the back-up dancers). Together we premiered them at Anime North's 2006 Halloween Dance. At the time I was missing the correct top, so I don't really have any good pictures from that event.

The first time I wore it to a convention was Ohayocon 2007. Thank heaven's the convention center was warmer than expected, otherwise I would have froze! But I failed and wore the arm sock thing on the wrong arm ... I'll have to fix that for next time. I also used my own hair, as I hadn't had time to style the wig I purchased for this costume and it looked pretty silly on me, so I decided to look inaccurate instead of stupid.

As for construction, I owe a lot to Sarcasm-hime, who figured out how to make the pants (yes, they are in fact pants). They are actually super huge hakama pants that I've gathered and tacked rather unevenly. The top is made of two layers of cotton spandex that I draped on a Judy to work out the right lines. I think I messed up and the shirt should be longer ... but I'm not sure.


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